The University’s Strategic Plan is Cal Poly’s guiding document that establishes the direction for university decisions, funding priorities and actions. The foundations of the university strategic plan are based in three main documents:

Vision 2022:

President Armstrong presented Vision 2022 to the campus community in May of 2014. He prepared Vision 2022 after participating in many listening sessions with faculty, staff and students, consultations with the Academic Senate and Associated Students Inc. and discussions about Cal Poly’s future with alumni and other stakeholders. Vision 2022 is an aspirational view of Cal Poly as the only comprehensive polytechnic university in the nation. It formed the basis for Academic Enrollment planning, Master Planning and today, for the Cal Poly Strategic Plan.

Academic Plan:

The academic plan addresses the overall character of the university as an inclusive academic community, its Learn by Doing educational philosophy, the academic programs it offers, its commitment to student success and its approach to scholarship and creative activity. The plan then lays out the implications for future enrollment, and teaching and learning space.  An updated version of the academic plan will be available soon.

Master Plan:

The Master Plan, guided by Vision 2022 and our Academic plan for enrollment, sets the locations, sizes and types of land use and facilities and circulation systems necessary to support the university’s Learn by Doing mission. The Master Plan envisions what the Cal Poly campus could look like in 2035.  The updated Master Plan will be available to review mid-2019. Additionally, the university strategic plan is informed by the strategic plans of the colleges and divisions.



September - December

Phase 1
Review Vision 2022
Review Academic Plan for Enrollment

January - June

Phase 2
PHASE TWO (2018)
Review campus strategic plans
Develop goals
Engage stakeholders

July - August

Phase 3
Prepare draft plan
Identify Executive Champions
Identify Senior Sponsors
Develop potential initiatives

September - November

Phase 4
Present draft plan to campus
Receive and incorporate feedback
Receive endorsements

December - December

Phase 5
PHASE FIVE (2019-2024)
Implement plan
Prepare annual reports
Assess progress and adjust as needed
In support of a bill before the state legislature to establish a polytechnic school in San Luis Obispo, Tribune journalist Myron Angel wrote that he hoped the school would “teach the hand as well as the head so that no young man or woman will be set off in the world to earn their living as poorly
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The Cal Poly 2019-2024 Strategic Plan has seven strategic priorities that focus on the themes of our people, our programs and our support infrastructure.

Our People:

Strategic Priority: Enhance the Success of All Cal Poly Students
Strategic Priority: Cultivate the Excellence of our Faculty and Staff

Our Programs:

Strategic Priority: Develop a Rich Campus Culture of Diversity and Inclusion
Strategic Priority: Strengthen our Portfolio of Academic Programs
Strategic Priority: Create an Engaged, Vibrant, and Healthy Community

Our Support Infrastructure:

Strategic Priority: Leverage Data and Technology to Support the Institution’s Mission
Strategic Priority: Secure our Future by Improving our Finances, Facilities, and Systems
Annual reports will be posted on this section of the website each summer, and available to the campus community by Fall Convocation of each academic year. For more information click here.
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