Process section

The process to develop Cal Poly’s strategic plan began with the development of the Academic Plan for Enrollment and the Cal Poly Master Plan.  The President’s Leadership Council, a group of leaders from across all colleges and divisions, participated in strategic planning exercises that informed early drafts of the plan.
The President’s Cabinet, as the Steering Committee of the Strategic Plan, reviewed the draft and shared it with the Budget and Long-Range Planning Committee of the Academic Senate for feedback.  This committee provided substantive feedback on the development of the plan during the 2017-18 academic year.
In addition to consulting with the Budget and Long-Range Planning Committee, consultative presentations were made to the Academic Senate and to the leadership of all university divisions in the first half of 2018, resulting in the final draft of the Cal Poly Strategic Plan.
The final draft is available to the campus community for comment in the STRATEGIC PLAN section of this website and we welcome comments in the FEEDBACK section.  Additionally, consultation will be held on campus with key shared governance groups in Fall of 2018.

Implementation of the Plan

As you review the draft university plan, you will notice that each strategic priority has an Executive Champion or co-Champion.  Executive Champions are members of the President’s Cabinet who will assume responsibility for ensuring that progress towards the strategic priority is met.   The Executive Champion is responsible for selecting senior sponsors or co-sponsor for each goal. Executive Champions will also be required to report on an annual basis the status of implementation for each goal under their responsibility.   All annual reports will be posted on this website.
Senior Sponsors are members of university leadership that are responsible for ensuring progress towards the goals are met by establishment of initiatives/tactics for implementing the goals, and determining what success looks like in each area.  Senior Sponsors are charged with creating cross-divisional/college implementation teams that do the work of operationalizing the goal towards success, convening their teams, and making recommendations to President’s Cabinet or other appropriate group through their executive champion when obstacles prevent achieving success, or the context has shifted requiring a change in the goal.  Senior sponsors report to the executive champion for their goal and provide regular reporting on the progress of the implementation team.
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